Has there been a time that the sea has not inspired you?

Coral life.

World of the coral friends, living peacefully in turquoise.

28cm x 36cm


Depth is home.

28cm x 36cm

Going to the beach.

Walking on sand, it is really hot. Where else could we go to?

40cm x 50cm

Going to the sea.

Have we not all waited for this moment? Here we are.

40cm x 50cm

Swimming into peace.

On my way.

28cm x 36cm

Feel the breeze.

Is it the wind making me go faster or the sails? Or is it my willingness to be there near you?

50cm x 70cm

Planet A.

We do see your beauty and we love you.

50cm x 70cm

Story of the gold fish.

Tomorrow I might swim to that sponge. I'll see...

28cm x 36cm


Best mates meet again.

28cm x 36cm

Sunken island.

A discovery, some curiosity, some left to explore, some to remember.

30cm x 40cm

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