Reflection is serenity, peace, depth, reunion with yourself. These pieces subtly invite you to be in the moment both while making and while watching them. They have got something to tell you, somewhere to take you. Join them.

Grey path, teal life.

Joy and reflection accompanies uncertain path while meaning forms itself. The stories you create will be around you and your journey will continue beyond this life.

65cm x 90cm

Sound waves.

How peaceful music can be.

65cm x 90cm

Thank you my dear sister for naming this piece by saying what you saw.

Sailing on the Thames.

Another day at home when the sky is blue and the Thames too.

65cm x 90cm

Summer night.

Joy surrounds us and no obligation for tomorrow. We feel free.

30cm x 40cm

Awake coral.

Stand up and look around. Spread your beauty.

65cm x 90cm

Golden life.

Life feels precious when between the blue sky and the blue sea. 

30cm x 80cm

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