Melda Ekmen

A very warm welcome to you!

I am a self-made artist who is constantly curious about the journey of self-expression through art. Born in Istanbul, living in London and passed through Paris at some point in life. 

Art did welcome me into its rich world and I am likely to extend my tenancy. I suspect that some of my core values led me into this journey: Depth, beauty and 'my spark'. If these words speak to you we might have something in common...

I am originally an Executive Coach with a background in Psychology and other behavioural studies. Trying to bring left brain and right brain closer to each other has been a mission for me that has been going on for a while under the radar. Now I am purposefully looking for ways to combine my passions. Coaching inspires my art and art inspires my coaching - I am loving my experiences.

I am grateful for the intense, sometimes 7-hour long, painting time on a picnic mat, in my living room and I love watching where my experiences take me.

I hope you are enjoying life too...

With love,


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Melda Ekmen, Maya Art London

Artist Statement


The artwork presented by Maya Art London is an expression of and invitation to depth and self-discovery. It constantly underlines the search for our version of the meaning of our personal journey in life in a given moment. Each piece is an abstract artwork created by acrylic paint.

There are three categories such artworks come to life:


1. Reflection pieces are created on aluminium foil. Different parts of the artwork are emphasised depending on the amount of light that falls on it and the angle the viewer is looking from. The undefined shapes invite viewers to stay in the moment and feel serenity while they are looking for their own meaning in the artwork through reflection. This is a continuation of my experience while I am creating these pieces. The moments we stay in while watching the artwork are meditative.

2. My'abstract series is simply my abstract pieces and they get their names at the very end as they are not created by following a plan or a process. These pieces invite viewers to experience and enjoy the process without being attached to an outcome and reassuring them that beautiful things can come out of undefined paths and destinations. This is an invitation of letting go and trusting the process.

3. Sea'nspiration pieces emerge from my love for the sea and underwater life. When I deeply miss the Mediterranean, I end up creating a sea'nspiration piece that invites viewers remember the beautiful summer days we experience by the sea. This series invites the sea life lovers like me to remember the moments of self-reflection during their long gaze to the sea. The blue shades that are used and the images of underwater invite them to go deeper and the bright colours are a reminder of the joyful summer days.

Having a background in behavioural studies like psychology, art therapy, coaching and many others nurture my curiosity of meaning hidden in each moment. I want to bring some of my reflection through art to viewers who are reflecting on their own journeys.





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